Testimonial - Marlowe

Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - Marlowe

I have a rescue aussie shepherd. My first 'rescue'. Although I have had dogs, I have never boarded a dog before. I was relieved to know that there is a place that I could comfortably leave him. A place and person who was familiar, well versed with the rescue situation. My boy is a sweet loving dog who a week or so before being booked to stay with Sue deplayed aggressive behaviour. Upset, distressed and a little terrified I updated Sue. She provided quick common sense advise to keep him safe and assured me he was still welcomed. What a relief. He returned the same loving dog, but somehow in a better place. Thanks Sue. I feel confident and comfortable planning my next vacation knowing somehow Marlowe will be in a good place! In fact the last time I picked him up as we drove off he gave a little whimper with his chin on the head rest looking back at Sue's. What an endorsement!

Karen Gorecki and Marlowe, Toronto