Testimonial - Brunswick

Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - Brunswick

Brunswick is our German Sheppard and we got him in September 2008. He was 5 years old and had done 4 years service as OPP 'K9 officer'. Brunswick adapted to our family life.

Brunswick had two different personalities. One is a very sweet, loyal protective dog. The other is a very dominant alpha dog.

While on walks he became very aggressive and want to attack dog(s).

We learnt of Ashiyas K9 services and made an appointment to visit. On our arrival, Brunswick was out off the car and was very dog aggressive.

Were amazed about the vision and philosophy how Sue has in taking care of dogs. Sue is very clear about what is acceptable behavior for dogs. It is in a wonderful country setting for long dog walks and swimming.

Sue was willing to take on the challenge with Brunswick's dog aggression. With Sue's loving and caring approach, we hoped for the best.

When it was time for our trip, we brought Brunswick and honestly expected a call that we must come back to pick him up due to his aggression.

After two days, we were amazed to hear how Brunswick was becoming comfortable within 'the pack', playing with other dog's often without a muzzle.

To keep the momentum we continue to bring Brunswick for 'daycare'. To let him play and behave. We believe, Brunswick now thinks he is the owner/boss of the place.

We highly recommend Ashiyas K9 services for your dog.

Trudie and Frans Richter