Testimonial - George

Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - George

Both Nikki and I just wanted to thank you for the TLC and everything else you provided to our dog George during our last vacation.

It has been a long struggle with George's health over the last year. Reoccurring bouts of bloody diarrhea and loss of appetite or as our vet put it, a chronic debilitating disease. As you know, I was ready to have George put down on the Thursday we were supposed to drop him off because of another episode. Luckily you were prepared to take George in his condition.

I was prepared for the worst upon our return but with your patience and experience and the assistance of Daisy and her machine, George was in 'Great Spirits' and in much better condition, than in some time. You had listened to our explanation and recollection of his symptoms and made some excellent diagnosis regarding what steps could be taken to help him return to a healthy state. Based on what information we provided and Daisy's machine, it may have been the kibble George was on that contributed to his symptoms. It was the only constant but none of the vets we had been dealing with made the connection. You cut out the kibble and took the time to feed him by hand when food was something he did not want. You modified his diet, with a banana, yogurt and honey, in the morning to help with his tender GI tract and added some green beans and liver with his chicken and rice dinner.

The care and attention you gave to George help save his life. The time you spent with us when we arrived to pick up George was also much appreciated. Explaining why you choose the foods you did how they work to help heal his GI tract and what we need to continue to do at home were both helpful and reassuring.

The care you show George and us is always exceptional but with you, it is just your standard service, talking about exceeding the customer expectation! We cannot thank you enough or be happier to write a note like this, because anyone who is lucky enough to meet you and have you look after their dog, healthy or not, is going to notice how much you care and that what you do is so much more than just a service or a business.

We look forward to bringing George to you for happy and fun times, at the 'Puppy Spa', as we like to call it, for a very long time.

Greg and Nikki, with George