Testimonial - Hugo & Sebastian

Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - Hugo and Sebastian

My husband and I had been traveling back and forth to and from Florida even before we had our little boys Hugo and Sebastian (Miniature Schnauzers).

Of course we always had our friends and family to look after our boys when we took our winter trips. Then - as with all dogs - they were suddenly seniors - it seemed like overnight. This was still not really a problem as even though our family declined (now having married, babies etc.) our friends who have three Schnauzers of their own were always there for us. Even though our oldest (Hugo) had serious back problems, was deaf and blind due to old age. Then the really bad news came while we were on one of our trips - Sebastian had diabetes! After many successful stays with our dear friends who gave them as much love and care as we did - one of their dogs, now almost 18 - had as many 'special needs' as our boys did and they could no longer look after our boys as well.

What to do - what to do???? Having seven daughters and eleven grandchildren our times in Florida were always booked well in advance.

That is when we found Sue!!! Our vet referred us to her and our problem was solved. Sue gave them the home away from home they had been used to. Sebastian required 2 needles a day for his diabetes, sub-q fluids every other day and Hugo had to constantly be watched as he was a bit senile, blind and deaf but still having a good quality of life.

Sue was marvellous - she handled everything that came her way with our boys with ease. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who needs a home away from home for their dog (s) especially those who have best friends with 'special needs'.

Chris Grzyb,Caledon, ON