Testimonial - Doon

Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - Doon

From the first time we met Sue we knew that she was the right person for the job. Sue is very knowledgeable about the dog world and has been involved in the care and behaviour understanding of dogs for a long time.

We can always rest easy on our vacation, no matter how long we're gone for, knowing that there is a very dedicated individual looking after our dog round the clock in her own home where the dogs don't feel stressed, because they are treated like family.

Most other places where you board your dog you have to pay for the extras like walks, swim time, playtime etc. At Sue's we feel like our dog is left at an all inclusive dog camping retreat since it includes all the extras. The house that the dogs are sharing with Sue is stress free since there is no extra noise that you hear from other stressed, locked up dogs in your usual kennel surroundings. Our dog is always relaxed when we drop him off since Sue provides each dog with lots of quality care and individual attention.

Our dog is an adopted GS who gets very anxious when left behind at a new house, which causes him to be aggressive at times. Sue understands animals with behaviours problems and therefore we never have anything to worry about.

Every time we come back for him, we get pictures from Sue showing how wonderful of a time he's had with the other dogs and we know that he enjoyed himself since he sleeps the whole way home.

Kasia & Nik Clarkson, with Doon