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Ms. Manners Boot Camp

  • Knowledgeable, Experienced, Quality Care

  • Intrinsic ability to accurately detect the motive for problem behaviour

  • Application of common sense solutions

  • Improving balance and well-being for a more harmonious existence

Case Studies

  • Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - Parker"Parker"
    The specific problems I sought help with were:
    1. On-leash aggression toward other dogs
    2. Unusual anxiety around noisy objects (rolling luggage)
    3. Pulling during walks
    4. General obedience/manners

    Sue showed me examples of communicating leadership, both actively and passively, allowing me to also observe her interactions with "her pack". This was helpful in re-thinking how I approach the day-to-day with my dog. For each item I came away with a plan of action, either an exercise, a suggested "household rule", or a tool to use in my training (e.g. best type of collar for my dog). We also observed Parker as he was introduced to members of of her pack, providing some insight into his mindset.

    The first important change I saw in Parker's behaviour was in his reaction to other dogs on-leash. Whereas before, all other dogs were to be avoided, I was able to now approach other (calm) dogs and allow them to greet. I didn't think this would ever be possible, but it was a sign that Sue's suggested approach was working. Other improvements followed, such as our ability to pass other dogs without fuss, to walk past more noisy objects without protest/anxiety, and for improved manners around the house (less pushy). Pulling is still a work in progress, however at least I feel I am addressing it, and simply not enabling it by being inconsistent. Overall, I feel that Sue gave me useful information that I could put into effect immediately, and this has resulted in greatly reduced stress for me and my dog. I had been to aggression seminars and had consulted a full-time behavourist previously; I think Sue looks at the whole picture, and provides guidance based on everyone's unique situation, and this gets results.

  • Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - Tank"Tank"
    Sue Graham shares the basic behavioral steps to ensure your dog is happy and behaved. Her expertise lies in her unique ability to comprehend dog psychology. She helps you see the world through the eyes of your dog so you can finally eliminate problem behaviors. We had a great experience taking our English Bulldog Tank to her. We could not believe he was the same dog after only 3 days. What an improvement!
    We watched Tank at the shopping centre as he sat quietly and patiently in an environment, where normally he would be anxious, scared and aggressive due to all the people and noise.

    With a new baby on the way, we can not Thank Sue enough for showing us how to handle Tank. Thanks so much for all your help!

    Natalie & Strother Knight

  • Ashiyas K9 Services - Satisfied Guest - SusiQ"SusiQ"
    Just a short note to thank you for your most successful efforts in training SuziQ, our Lab/Terrier mix. She is naturally a gentle and sweet-tempered animal but she seemed to have the attention span of a fruit-fly.

    In the very limited time that you have had with her, you have wrought wonders! Now she not only understands "sit", "stay", "off", finish", and "heel" but most of the time she complies.

    Despite her loving nature, she has been a challenge to us, but you have made our experience so much better.I don't know whether we should call your operation Ayisha Kennels or Ayisha Magicians.
    Ken Langdon

  • Ashiyas K9 Services - Marlowe"Marlowe"
    Aussie rescue; agressive tendencies towards people, dogs toys and "his space"

    "Not sure how you work your magic, but he is in a better place since staying with you. He gave a little whine while looking back at your place as we left. Clearly he had a good time."
    K.G., Toronto

  • Ashiyas K9 Services - Chisaro"Chisharo"
    Rhodesian Ridgeback; aggressive

    "The changes I saw in Chisero were enormous. He was able to socialize with other dogs. With a slow introduction and supervised play times he learned it wwas OK for dogs to come up to him and sniff him and nothing bad would happen. He learned that it was OK to relax for a few hours and have fun. When he went out in public, he could pass dogs and not get defensive or aggressive."
    B.N., Orton

  • Ashiyas K9 Services - Bosum"Bosum"
    Northern rescue; fearful, reactive

    "What changed my dog? He could be around other dogs; he didn't snap and snarl, he didn't tail tuck and lash out. I think he was digressing into a serious place of anxiety/fear and anxiety-driven response. His bluff has been called and I now feel more comfortable that it's more "show" than "go". He also benefits from being away from his pack, his home turf, his people and experiencing things on his own."
    J.H., Caledon

  • "Lucas"

    I was referred to Sue by my employer in 2006 as I was having great difficulty with my rescued Shih Tzu, Lucas. Lucas was highly aggressive and I was unable to work with him when it came to grooming. Lucas and I had achieved many great things together but grooming was not one of them.Our only attempt at this ended up with a snipped tail and lots of blood and one very upset dog and very guilt ridden person. At the time I was referred to Sue I had to take Lucas to the vet and have him sedated. A groomer would come in and work on him while he was asleep. Needless to say this was very hard on little Lucas and hard on my pocketbook. Sue met with me and Lucas and she took him on without any qualms. She knew she could do the job. I nonetheless was skeptical. Lucas although small was a force to be reckoned with when his angry swtich was turned on. I quite truthfully was afraid of him and he knew it. Sue treated him like any other dog with her usual confidence. Lucas has his limits but Sue knew how to read them and get the job done. We have never looked back and Lucas can be groomed just like any other dog now. Sue has an uncanny ability with dogs especially frightened and aggressive rescue dogs such as Lucas. Lucas came from an abusive background and his trust in people is limited especially those that fear him. It can be a catch 22 if you don't find the right caregiver that offers what these unfortunate animals need. I lack the confidence and understanding that he needs and Sue has that. Sue is also a rescuer and has fostered and helped rehome many dogs over the years. I admire her dedication to these abandoned and homeless animals.

    I have referred other families to Sue for grooming and boarding and they, like me, are more than happy with her ability. I have recently talked with them about Sue and how they love how she works with their dog. Sue will be moving from our area and we have both agreed that the distance will not be a barrier and we will still go to her for grooming because she is so valuable to us and our dogs.

    I must thank Sue from the bottom of my heart for her unwavering dedication and how she has helped Lucas become a happier and better friend.


Unfortunately, there are many unwanted dog's being surrendered for rescue. If you can find it in your heart to give one of these grateful animals another chance and a forever home, please inquire. Once you work out the behavioural hiccup's, the love they return is "tenfold", in gratitude.

From Our Guests . . .

We appreciate all that you have done for us, as dog owners, and for our furry daughter . . .
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I trust Sue implicitly and highly recommend her boarding, grooming and behaviour services.
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It takes a special kind of "angel" to communicate with these wonderful animals, and to provide an environment where they are safe and loved.
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Most places where you board your dog you have to pay for the extras, like walks, swim time, play time, etc.
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Sue is highly knowledgeable, she is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who needs a home away from home . . . especially those with special needs.
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I am amazed at the change in her! She is so much better with the other dogs she meets now.
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The care you show George and ourselves is exceptional.
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We were amazed about the vision and philosophy Sue has in taking care of dogs.
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. . .the last time I picked him up, as we drove off he gave a little whimper with his chin on the head rest, looking back at Sue's. What an endorsement!
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We returned to a happy, healthy dog. Sue gave her all the love & attention we expected.
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I highly recommend Sue for any problems your pet may have . . .
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If you want a worry free holiday, or business trip - do not hesitate . . .
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