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Ashiya's K9 Services - Sue and the gang
  • Dedicating her life to the care and well being of animals.
  • As a child in England started walking dogs after losing the family pet.
  • Sue was also put to the test for skill by a young horseman to catching lively 17hh horses from the open fields, who had their way with her, having fun in testing her endurance and determination.
  • Immigrating to Canada, at the age of 10 learning hunter jumper's, stable and kennel duties and touring the CKC show circuit with her aunt.
  • Devoting the next twenty years in Canada and traveling into the USA with thoroughbred race horses.
  • Learning from some of the best trainer's, veterinarian's and "old school" expert's.
  • Which then led to a teaching position,for the racing steward's of woodbine, preparing student's for their licensed trainer's test.
  • Retiring to the peacefulness of the farm, caring for broodmares and foals and their development.
  • Eventually leaving the equine's for the canine's,Sue completed her professional grooming course in Yorkville.
  • Certified Pet First Aid
  • In the late '90's opened up one of the first "in home" boarding operation's in Ontario.
  • Always having "rescued" dogs in need, Sue then co authoured a book, including a training manual, about one of her rescue's "Gus", to try to bring attention to so many animal's in need of a second chance.
  • Health and nutrition became a necessity for life with one of Sue's toughest rescue's a giant schnauzer, plagued with health issue's and specific dietary requirement's.
  • Which has catapulted her into servicing client's needing help managing their pet's nutritional needs for overall improved health.
  • Resulting in "Paws 4 Raw", raw food and supplement's.

From Our Guests . . .

We appreciate all that you have done for us, as dog owners, and for our furry daughter . . .
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I trust Sue implicitly and highly recommend her boarding, grooming and behaviour services.
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It takes a special kind of "angel" to communicate with these wonderful animals, and to provide an environment where they are safe and loved.
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Most places where you board your dog you have to pay for the extras, like walks, swim time, play time, etc.
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Sue is highly knowledgeable, she is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who needs a home away from home . . . especially those with special needs.
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I am amazed at the change in her! She is so much better with the other dogs she meets now.
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The care you show George and ourselves is exceptional.
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We were amazed about the vision and philosophy Sue has in taking care of dogs.
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. . .the last time I picked him up, as we drove off he gave a little whimper with his chin on the head rest, looking back at Sue's. What an endorsement!
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We returned to a happy, healthy dog. Sue gave her all the love & attention we expected.
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I highly recommend Sue for any problems your pet may have . . .
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If you want a worry free holiday, or business trip - do not hesitate . . .
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