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  •  Ashiyas K9 Services - Pip and Kalei

    Puppy Social

    Pip, 4months, and Kalei, aged 8 months. Puppies are sooo cute and it's hard to think "school" at that age. However, that is the perfect time for training and molding your pup. Socialization in a positive environment sets the foundation for a well balanced dog. It teaches structure, acceptance within the "pack" and encourages confidence. Be aware that "off leash" parks do not offer the same guidance. Disease, undesirables, and aggression occur and bad habits are hard to break. Ashiyas K9 Services offer "Puppy Social" with positive play and training.

  •  Ashiyas K9 Services - Fat or Fit

    Fat or Fit?

    Nutrition is complex and difficult to simplify. Nutrition is the core for maintaining overall good health. Providing a quality food will save you in the long run and extend your pet's life.

    Internal health Shows on the outside in skin, coat and nails. Skin should be free of abnormalities. Coat should be soft and shiny with no discoloration. Nails should be hard and strong with good growth, without breaking, chipping or cracking.

    Finding a food that suits your dog may take some trial and error but it is worth the effort. There could be only one ingredient to throw them off balance, causing gastrointestinal problems, gas, yeast infections, and allergies to name a few.

    Stools are an obvious indicator whether food is right for your pet. Stools should be firm, not loose, nor hard or black, which could be signs of constipation.

    Feeding requirements listed on the bag by the manufacturer are usually and over-abundant measure. Feeding large amounts at one meal can cause bloating, which can be deadly.

    Judging your dog's weight and exercise requirements should be your guide. Observing overall fitness and body tone without being to "ribby" or too round.

    An overweight dog puts additional stress on the heart and the joints specifically, predisposing them to serious health problems if not kept in check.

  •  Ashiyas K9 Services - Brunswick

    Behavioural Problems

    This is retired OPP K9 "Brunswick" enjoying a new life. Would you like your dog to be released of his/her worries and feel free to be a dog with more confidence and pride? Then Ashiyas K9 Services is for you. Behaviour can sometimes be charachteristic to a breed; combine that with natural instinct and environment and there could be challenges. Some behavioural problems can develop as a dog gets older, such as fear, anxiety and aggression. We strive to help these kinds of dogs to overcome those problems with positive reinforcement. We have accomplished change with all kinds of dogs, teaching them the correct way to be a socially acceptable canine. We have turned around tough and aggressive Police dogs to be able to function within our group. Whatever the problem may be, it is best to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

From Our Guests . . .

We appreciate all that you have done for us, as dog owners, and for our furry daughter . . .
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I trust Sue implicitly and highly recommend her boarding, grooming and behaviour services.
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It takes a special kind of "angel" to communicate with these wonderful animals, and to provide an environment where they are safe and loved.
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Most places where you board your dog you have to pay for the extras, like walks, swim time, play time, etc.
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Sue is highly knowledgeable, she is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who needs a home away from home . . . especially those with special needs.
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I am amazed at the change in her! She is so much better with the other dogs she meets now.
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The care you show George and ourselves is exceptional.
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We were amazed about the vision and philosophy Sue has in taking care of dogs.
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. . .the last time I picked him up, as we drove off he gave a little whimper with his chin on the head rest, looking back at Sue's. What an endorsement!
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We returned to a happy, healthy dog. Sue gave her all the love & attention we expected.
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I highly recommend Sue for any problems your pet may have . . .
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If you want a worry free holiday, or business trip - do not hesitate . . .
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